Yellow Welly Tours.

Green Tourism Policy

We are passionate about Scotland and it is our pleasure to share the culture, history, landscapes and wildlife with our guests. We greatly value these assets and we are committed to operating in a manner which conserves and enhances our natural environment and local culture.

As part of our social and environmental responsibility we are committed to the following:

*Purchasing local, organic and environmentally friendly products wherever available.

*Do no harm- to people, environment and wildlife. Therefore, on our tour routes and areas we visit, we take care to leave no trace by taking our waste away, picking up any litter that may be been left by others, take care not disturb any wildlife where possible and be courteous to others enjoying the beauty of Scotland.

*Provide information on nature, wildlife, local culture and history on tour. Let us know the wildlife you spotted on your tour and where!

*Encouraging our responsible visitor charter by engaging our guests to: use public transport where possible, be considerate towards other guests, be mindful of the environment, support local establishments where possible, reduce waste and dispose of waste appropriately and to share their experiences.

We are committed to monitoring our impact on the environment and the region to reduce our carbon footprint.   We further will support projects and activities to offset our carbon footprint and use local and recycled products where possible.